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Are you also one of those who, to recover from everyday life, work and ordinary stress, simply switch off and have a chat? There are plenty of options for switching off. Some watch TV. The others go on nature trips. Anyone who is too tired for exercise and wants to direct their thoughts specifically to something quite entertaining, can consider quite different things. How about entertaining casino games that abound on different platforms? The advantage over “boring TV” is that you can not just sprinkle around, but busy your brain with fun games. This way of switching off is effective in several ways. While you simply become tired and lethargic while simply doing nothing, you are demonstrably (sorry for expressing), you stay agile in thinking games and still have your relaxation. Casino games have several advantages. They are entertaining, extremely entertaining, versatile and can, if you like, bring real monetary gains. But you knew that before you came to this article.

Real cash gains require real money bets. These require that you create a player account at an online casino of your choice and deposit money there. So you do not fall victim to cheaters and have the best possible gaming experience under legal and fair conditions, we have checked many online casinos thoroughly and made reports that you can read here. But back to the player account. Let’s assume one of our casino reviews appeals to you. You decide to set up a player account. They register and get, if offered, a free signup bonus. If you have chosen wisely, you can fill your account with a particularly noble variant with credits – namely with PayPal.

We will talk later about the advantages and conditions that make PayPal special. Unfortunately, because the online casinos offering PayPal as a payment method are still in the minority, we are inclined to give them their own name – PayPal Casino. Finally, this exceptional status should be appreciated. Let’s just say a few words about PayPal so you can get an idea of ​​the potential.

PayPal – payment service “among friends”

Paypal CasinoIn fact, PayPal was once an invention of or for Ebay. Do you remember? Ebay – that was the auction platform for everyone. With luck you could get bargains from companies and also private individuals. If you once bought from companies, the payment was made either by invoice, by direct debit or by credit card. But which private seller has the opportunity to receive or process a credit card payment? It took an uncomplicated, quick way to enable anyone to send and receive money in compliance with the highest security standards so that goods can be traded as quickly as possible. An electronic purse was the solution to the problem. In English this is called e-wallet. PayPal was baptized the service. Based on the words “Payents” and “Pals”.

The success of the financial services provider was not long in coming. The Ebay subsidiary PayPal became a stand-alone operation, which writes billions in sales. And that at extremely favorable conditions.

How does PayPal Casino work?

Live CasinoEach adult can get a PayPal account. The process is simple and fast. It is important that you enter real data. Fake accounts are not tolerated. You also enter a valid reference bank account, optionally also a credit card. The bank account is necessary, so that the electronic wallet can fill or empty. You initially transfer an amount to your PayPal account. For example, if you pay for an online casino deposit, you will “send” an amount directly from one PayPal account to another. Account numbers remain secret. Only the PayPal IDs will be exchanged. This is your email address. Sending an amount does not cost you anything. The reception, however, brings minimal fees. That’s fine, because every financial service provider has to be able to live on something and pay his employees. For account management or similar On the other hand, you pay nothing.

PayPal transactions expire within seconds. A few mouse clicks are enough to send a sum of money. This works in several currencies. If conversion is necessary, it will happen automatically – at fair exchange rates.

PayPal in online casinos

Best CasinoWhen you have carefully read the above lines, you can see the benefits of PayPal payments to online casinos and even payouts from online casinos. PayPal works “both ways”. PayPal casinos offer a wonderful alternative to bank transfers, credit cards or paysafecard. Because transactions are anonymous and secure, you will not find payments to online casinos on your bank statements or similar. And: The money is immediately available at the casino account. You can start gambling right after your deposit. We think that’s awesome. For who wants to wait for their credit?

PayPal has only a small flaw in terms of cooperation with online casinos. Let’s say you are registered with a PayPal casino and have been trying out games there for a few days. Maybe you also got a no deposit bonus and gambled it down with enjoyment. Because you have professionally gotten rid of an America trip, you decide to sweeten the otherwise boring evenings with casino games. You are sitting in your hotel room, sitting in the portal and want to start a deposit via PayPal – and fail. What happened? In the US, PayPal payments to online casinos are blocked. This is acted as a “preventative measure” – a player protection. It’s just a bureaucratic hurdle you have to take when you get an IP address in the US. In Central Europe, on the other hand, you have nothing to fear. Every PayPal casino of your choice can receive and send payments via PayPal at any time. Expenses are not required by casinos.