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New casinos appear all the time and there are now a very large number of UK casinos to choose from. Often, a new casino is also better in some areas than the elderly, although there are certainly exceptions. What often marks a new casino is a modern and exciting design , a wide range of new games and really great bonus offers . Popular nowadays is also to build a game adventure where you can climb the level while playing. It is often tickling to be quick to test the new casinos that appear on stage, and it may be profitable to be out early to take part in launch bonuses.

New Casinos 2018

Another new year that will most likely involve a number of new casinos is here! As usual, we will present all the latest casinos on this page so keep track of this year to be the first with the latest. By 2018, we expect the pace of new launches to decline a little compared to previous years, as we have a regulation of the UK gaming market scheduled for 2022. What are we expected of the 2018 casino year? We believe in more theme casinos, major elements of gamification and, above all, revelations of older casinos during the year. Keep an eye out for newcomers Casino and Frank & Fred Casino , we’re doing it!

The fact that new casinos are extremely popular is something we have noticed in the years that we watched the industry, so of course we will devote ourselves to finding the best newcomers this year. Keep an eye on Dreamz Casino, which we think will deliver something beyond the usual. They have incredibly high skills in the company and what we have heard about the casino gives us really high hopes!

New Casinos 2017

As in previous years, we expect that a large number of new casinos will be launched in 2017 . Both newly established players and new brands from well-known casino companies. First, in 2017 the Kindred Group’s commitment to high rollers in the casino High Rollers . After Storspelare’s launch, we have seen newcomers such as Casino Calzone and Larry Casino enter the market and many more casinos are likely to be coming during the year. A casino we are looking forward to a little extra is Highroller Casino from Gaming Innovation Group, which is scheduled to be released in Q4.

New casinos 2016

There were also lots of casinos launched in 2016. Among the most important, we find, for example, Dunder Casino who did everything right from the start, a really good casino. At the end of the year, Hero Gaming, the founders of popular Casino Heroes, launched its betting site Betser, which was a healthy addition to the otherwise boring odds market.

New casinos 2015

2015 was a year full of new launches of casinos. Among the top launches, we can note Yako Casino, SveaCasino, Kaboo, BetSpin, Rizk Casino, InstaCasino BGO Casino and Casino Jefe. There are certainly some new UK casinos in 2015, but these are the ones we know are worth mentioning.

The advantage of new casinos

Advantages of New Casinos The design of the newly launched online casinos is often prominent and at the forefront. Of course, the experience is enhanced by everything that is beautiful and enchanting. Another functional advantage of the design is that it’s basically all new casinos are extremely well-suited to work on the mobile phone . This gives you an equally enjoyable experience no matter what device you’re using.

Another exciting trend is that the gaming sites develop their casinos as adventure games with different levels , bosses and trophies in the form of bonuses, free spins and much more. You earn points by playing and thus longer in the game adventure. At some casinos you can compete against bosses to get big sums extra to play for and see how you stand against other players on the page. A great example of this type of adventure is found at Casino Heroes , where you increase your level and defeat bosses to take you on to the casino adventure .

The bonus of new casinos online is often extremely well taken to attract you from your existing favorite site. Therefore, it may be extraordinary to give a new casino a chance as it can generate a lot of extra in the game wallet.

The customer service feature is often extremely well developed because this is another front where you compete against other UK casinos online. A well-functioning customer service with several ways to reach them, and fast professional answers are not uncommon at new UK casinos. Nowadays, you can get help with your questions around the clock at a number of casinos.

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals there’s usually nothing to complain about. No matter how you want to withdraw or deposit money, this option will be available at the new casino. Again, it is possible to compete against the older casinos by offering free of charge deposits and withdrawals .

Just because a casino is new does not necessarily mean that the gambler behind the casino can be trusted. If you are a player who wants to play at the very latest casinos, be careful and do thorough research before deciding. But the new casinos 2017 that we review on this page have reviewed and passed all our criteria for good casinos.

You need to look at things like whether the casino is organized by a reputable and trusted player organizer, which software the casino uses and whether the casino has contact information you can reach them and a physical address. The most trusted online casinos are open to their business and gladly share their adress and contact information and usually have a good customer service. Unreliable online casinos usually try to hide contact information for you. Be careful when looking for new casinos and be sure to select a casino from our list of new casinos to make sure you come to a casino that has a good reputation and you can count on 100%.

A thriving market

In December 2016 a survey was conducted on new casinos. Industry experts in the online casino world were asked to answer the question “How many new online casinos will be launched on the UK market in 2017”. The answers varied slightly, but the average estimate ended somewhere around 30 new companies throughout the year.

During the first month of 2017, 18 new UK casinos were launched and that’s a figure we did not count on. The figure which, according to experts, would end somewhere between 2-3 new companies for January, then landed significantly higher. It’s a trend that will probably last. Obviously, the market will not withstand 18 new options every month. We rather see a trend resembling the childhood of car production. Initially, one could count on countless car brands in each country, after which one was under and / or swallowed by the larger and more competitive car manufacturers. The same pattern we saw in the childhood of the child when countless IT companies were started and were provided with large funds by venture capitalists – after which most went down when the IT bubble burst in the early 2000s. Only the most stable and viable survived. Similarly, we are now seeing within the online casino world. At some point in the future, the bottom should fall out, and only the most stable and sensible will survive.But the online casino industry is on the rise right now, there is no doubt at all.

For players, this means that every day you get the chance to try something new and new bonuses and free spins every day, which means more chances of winning money. We at constantly follow developments and on this page you will find the latest online casinos with the most delicious bonuses you can enjoy today. We are constantly looking and updating the page with the best and newest offers regarding casinos and bonuses.

The focus is shifted to the customer

In order to establish itself as a new company in an already well-stocked market, a lot of preparatory work and customization from the casinos are required. To adapt their product to what the players want , is becoming increasingly relevant to game developers and more and more emphasis is placed on keeping their customers happy, rather than just pumping out game after game without analyzing games’ impact on customer’s overall experience.

In a time of constant development in a market that just seems to grow, new players can be difficult to navigate in the jungle of options available today. The following text aims to clarify concepts and offers to explore which trends are outstanding, what offers seem to be the most lucrative and what you should think of as a customer when you start your career in the online casino’s colorful corridors.

Where is the greatest importance to a new casino?

We have noted four important aspects that are particularly important for newly launched casinos. In this section, we have chosen to focus on these four points to get an insight into how we think about what makes a new casino good and give them good opportunities to compete in one of the most competitive markets .

Game Developer
Focus on mobility
Games with responsibility and security
Game Selection

Game Developer
New games are under constant development to enable companies to provide a unique experience for their customers. Providing a customized experience, adapted to multiple tastes, can be the recipe for success. However, it is not always that reality looks. With a quick review of the offer on the UK online casino market, it will soon become apparent that everything is usually about the same range, packaged in different cases. Some slot machines , such as Starburst, is represented in virtually every game catalog. Choosing a company with UK game developers can give you some advantage when it comes to innovative news.

Net Entertainmentis considered one of the most respected and well-established gaming development companies today. The company, headquartered in Stockholm, mainly develops casino software and is a supplier to a number of game operators, with modern classics like Starburst and Gonzos Quest in its catalog.

Yggdrasil Gaming is another UK company on the ramp. At Yggdrasil, the focus is on the aesthetic and provides beautiful, aesthetically well-liked game. In such a competitive industry as gaming development, new companies need to find their niche to take place in the market. Yggdrasil has focused on the details, which appears in their offer.

Microgamingoffers a directory of over 600 games. Slot machines, video poker, blackjack and roulette are premiered, but the developer is constantly investigating the market to produce new products that fit the big crowd.

Collaborating with large, well-established game developers places a solid foundation for sister-based companies to build. We can see a clear trend where companies with partnerships with one or some of the big names seem to be better. Players like to recognize themselves, but also occasionally feel surprised. A combination of well-established and new developers seems to be the way to go. This is also the case with the casinos that are best suited to. In addition to the established game developers, they find small and exciting developers who have entered special niches.
Focus on mobility
In a market with a broader range than is obvious, it is close to the requirement to also offer mobile-tuned casinos for a more free gaming experience. Today, there are various opportunities for companies to provide this feature. HTML5 technology is a technique used to customize an internet page to the smaller screens of, for example, mobile or tablet. Non-mobile pages come for example. Do not zoom and scroll as they should, which leads to a messy overall experience. To customize the game page or offer a downloadable app to use via iOS or Android, are usually the most popular options. A downloadable app should be free to download and should include the opportunity to play for free before deciding.

Games with responsibility and security
Becoming proficient and trustworthy is becoming more and more of a trend as the market grows. It may sound like the most obvious thing in the world that you as a new player want a safe and secure gaming experience. Most casinos are relatively safe, so it’s primarily about how the companies convey their responsibility. Game dependence is a real problem and if one side seems to take its responsibility, through links to help with game addiction, using game limits and cooling off periods and support for people with problems, the page can be seen as more reliable than the options. A great focus on customer health seems to be a trend that is spreading more and more among new casinos.

Game Selection
The game directory is perhaps the biggest factor in a potential customer’s choice of casino. A company can profile itself as safe or customer-focused, but if the company does not offer attractive entertainment in the form of popular games, it will be difficult to establish itself on the market. At a quick overview of the various online casinos first page, it will soon become clear that the focus is most often on the game range .

There are popular games like Starburst and Mega Fortune, with commercials on television that attract most new customers. With a well-developed catalog, containing the biggest and most famous names, but without the number of games becoming unpredictable, seems to be a trend that many new casinos choose to follow. Excessive gaming offers a difficult-looking casino landscape, and an excessive supply leads to monotony. The golden line is somewhere in between.

New castle machines
New casinos are expected to offer the opportunity to play on the very latest games and slot machines from many different game providers. Large game providers like NetEnt will keep an eye on when they regularly release new games of the highest quality.

Games from NetEnt usually have high RTP, often over 95%, which means that there are great opportunities to make money even with low efforts on the slot machines. Nowadays, casinos often allow you to test slot machines in “Fun Mode” or “Practice Mode” before you deposit money. It’s perfect because you do not have to buy the pig in the bag and can be sure to have fun when you play for real money.

Bonus at new casinos online
Bonus is one of the strongest incentives that new casinos make use of to position themselves higher than their competitors. Therefore, the bonuses of the new casinos are very generous in their offer and you, as a player, can benefit from tucking in these. With a hearty welcome bonus, the new casino may be worth a try, especially if you have already played all the bonuses at your current casino. A new casino, of course, needs new players, and therefore, there are always plenty of profitable welcome bonuses to share when you come to the casino. A welcome bonus usually consists of additional bonus money that you can play for when you register and make a first deposit at the casino.

The vast majority of online casinos have a minimum amount of money that you can deposit into the game account and in most cases it is about $ 100. New casinos usually try to attract players to sign up and deposit money at the casino through promotions that differ slightly from the usual bonuses that can usually be overcome. Freespins are common and usually come along with other offers, but some new casinos usually also offer a small amount of $ 5 as a free No Deposit bonus or odd number like $ 9, without having to deposit money at the casino.

You who register with a new casino online can get a deposit bonus of 100%, 200% and sometimes up to a rising 300%.This means you get a good slant extra to play for. In addition to this, there are also a number of free spins in the welcome pack, usually also a proportion of them free of charge without deposit requirements. Check the terms for your free-kick before making a deposit to make sure you have a turnover requirement, whether it’s an old or new casino to start playing at.

Which offers are most popular?

  • Bonus system
  • Try on offers
  • matching Bonuses
  • Free Spins

Bonus system
A well-developed bonus system is often what attracts new customers first of all . A bonus system can be designed in a variety of ways and it is often the systems that are perceived as the most lucrative, attracting most new customers. To offer a welcome bonus in the form of deposit match (the company matches your deposit with anything from 50-300% up to a certain limit), free offers or other types of “carrots” is more a rule than exception today. There are plenty of reviews and reports on the best bonus offers available right now. So if you want to find the best offer for you, you must do your homework. But it’s a homework Google can relatively easily help you with.

Try on offers
Another move to demonstrate its responsibility from the company is to offer free trial periods . Then you can play on all machines and vending machines at no cost. You can not win real money, but you can not lose anything but your pride. As a new player, this can be a great option as you navigate between new casinos in search of the ultimate experience.
Matching bonuses at new casinos

New casinos usually usually have regular campaigns not only to attract new players but also to make players stay and continue to play at the casino. The most common bonuses used in these campaigns are, in addition to freespins, a refill bonus. However, it is becoming increasingly common to offer tournaments and competitions in which, besides virtual bonuses, you can also win physical goods, holiday trips and tickets for various events and concerts. When you sign up for a new casino, it may be worth checking out if there is an ongoing campaign you can share or if future promotions and bonuses appear in any kind of calendar on the casino’s website.

Perhaps the most common bonus usually consists of the casino matching the amount that you deposit into the game account by 100% to a certain amount, which means you have the opportunity to get twice the amount of money to play at the casino. If you deposit 100 $ and the casino matches the amount to 100% you will get a total of $ 200 to play for. But usually you can choose to deposit smaller amounts if you wish, as little as $ 10 is usually used to deposit as the minimum amount of money on an online casino which in the same example would mean you get $ 20 to play and win. New casinos often tend to be more likely to try new things and they tend to be more generous than casinos for a while.

Free Spins
New Casinon Freespins As big focus is often on slot machines, so-called digital unarmed bandits, there is often a lot of focus on bonuses for these machines. Offering free spins is not only a way for companies to attract new customers, but also a way of showing their responsibility. By trying out, using freezes where you do not risk your own money, but with the chance to actually earn real money, the companies offer new customers a chance to learn how things work before you start risking equity.

Freespins offers always differ in different ways, but usually mean that you receive a certain amount of free circles on registration or deposit, depending on the size of your deposit. However, Gratisspins will almost always be subject to sales before money can be withdrawn, so make sure you read any rules and agreements before you decide.

Many new casinos try to get more players to start playing at the casino by offering free spins. Freespins are sometimes given absolutely no requirement to deposit money at the casino and sometimes they are part of a welcome bonus or come as an added bonus along with other types of bonuses.

Although it is not too common for casinos to be so generous, some new casinos actually offer free spins without any counterclaim on the sale of the bonus. Otherwise it is common for free spins to claim that you have to bet any winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw the money into your bank account. It may be good to bookmark this page and return regularly when new free spins offerings are available because we are always updating the page with the best and newest offers from the casino world.

In many cases, a casino only allows you to play with their free spins on one or more specific games. Be sure to check what’s up so you know what games you can use your free spins on and whether there is a turnover requirement or not.

Trends in the casino world

  • Games with responsibility
  • loyalty Bonus
  • Sports Betting
  • Streamlined design
  • Subject Casinos
  • mobile Casino

Games with responsibility
Perhaps it is due to the unstable situation in the world today, with new reports in the media about war and conflict every day. Perhaps it is a paradigm shift in how we look at our world and the people in it. Perhaps it’s just about pure profit-maximizing propaganda. No matter what the underlying motive is, a new trend appears to be increasingly evident in the casino world. Protecting each other can sound like a clever, especially when words come from the casino industry, an industry based on shoveling at the expense of others.

But a quick look online and on a selection of all the options available to UK players today, shows that more and more companies want to profile themselves as ethical responsibility. To offer support and helpWhen it comes to gambling addiction and other online gambling problems, more and more commonly occurring. There are often links to institutions that can help you with game addiction and it is becoming increasingly important for new companies to provide effective customer service. It is no longer possible to answer questions only via mail, but it should preferably be both phone support and chat. Putting the focus on responsibility , be it a sales ploy but it does not detract from the importance of service is increasingly seen as a matter of course for new companies to build their brand around. Some online casinos add an extra effort to profile themselves as responsibility, which also seems to give reverberation on the market.

loyalty Bonus
A clear trend that became more and more important in the industry’s giants in 2016 has to do with specially earned bonuses for the player who plays a lot. By rewarding persistent games with different forms of loyalty bonus systems, new casinos can benefit from established players’ gaming habits. With VIP offers and effective bonuses that make players play a lot, the casino creates an incentive among its users to play more. A loyalty bonus can, in addition to free snows offers and free games, also provide insurance for gaming. If you play a lot and get VIP status, it’s not uncommon for you to get money back if you lose a lot a day. Rewarding customers who play a lot is a clear trend in the market today, which is expected to spread even more as competition increases.

Sports Betting
Sports betting at new casinos It was really here that started. Before the casino entered the market, with its exciting slot machines and attractive poker tables, sports betting dominated the market. Today, focus has shifted to casino games. Slot bandits, roulette wheels and blackjack tables have forced away the bookmaker from the casino floor. Looking at trends in the gaming industry today, the bookmaker appears to be ready to make a comeback.

A few online casinos now offer the opportunity to play on classical vintage sports events. There are so many options for the sports lover that it has not previously been considered a need for the casino world to offer sports betting but looking at the most popular pages in the past year, a trend seems to crystallize.

Sports Bettingsell huge sums every year and it is also in the world of sports that the really big money for marketing is available. Sports betting simply looks more than the one-off bandits. The sport is brighter and is heard more in the global space. Every weekend, the big gaming companies’ logos roll around on advertising signs on football arenas all over the world. By adding sports betting in the casino experience, the online casino allows the most experienced and experienced players to step into the casino market.
Streamlined design
Navigate in 10 randomly selected online casinos, and you’ll get a bit of a deja vu experience. The design and design of the platform is often similar, with some variations in theme and color selection. There is plenty of research highlighting the importance of color selection as a factor in a potential customer’s overall picture of the company or service provided. That the pharmacy eg working a lot with the color green, is not a coincidence.

Some pages offer an explosion of colors and flashing lights. In the long run, it will be stressful for the player and he / she will seek elsewhere. To create a stylish, simple yet courteous design, is difficult, and some new casinos are doing better than others. The design often follows previously proven techniques, which also leads to similar experiences. In order for a new casino to stand out in the crowd, a well-developed layout and design are required, which balances the boundary between eye-catching color choices and streamlined designs.

Subject Casinos
To diversify, many casinos and game developers choose to follow current trends in popular culture. What is “inside” right now? It may be about Hollywood’s new blockbuster, a band selling platinum or a destination that seems to be on everyone’s lips. By listening to the discourse, the casino world has begun to adapt its range according to what the people seem to find interesting right now. There are casinos with travel themes, where pictures of beautiful paradise beaches roll in the background. Some slot machines have a particular movie or music theme where the design is based on images or color choices from famous movies and comics like Indiana Jones or South Park , on music giants like Jimi Hendrix or Guns n ‘Roses or on current events such as the World Cup or the Olympic Games.

New themes and casino trends 2017
Many of the newly launched casinos try to break away from current trends in the casino world in different ways. For example, Las Vegas and Glamor Mania have been common for a long time, but now they are now being replaced by party men and humor men and various cultures. Adventure theme has also become more common in trying to give a gaming experience beyond the usual with various goals and tasks that the player can pursue and be rewarded for, for example, to pick up gold coins that can be used in the casino’s webshop or open treasure chests that contain bonuses or free spins.

Most new casinos have also focused on offering games from many different providers rather than a few, as well as targeting multiple platforms and types of end users. It has made us players become increasingly comfortable with thatplay at online casino and now you can choose from hundreds of different games that we can play either on your computer at home or on a mobile device or tablet while we are touching us. The newest casinos usually focus on mobile users and games that can be played directly in smartphones and tablets, which is perfect for those who like to play at anytime and anywhere.

The newest casinos from the most trusted and largest providers usually have major promotional campaigns in order to encourage people to sign up and start playing. This means that there are very good opportunities to enjoy big welcome bonuses, free spins and deposit bonuses of different types once you register at one of these new casinos.

By always keeping your finger on the pulse, online casinos and game developers now seem to go the same way as countless experts in advertising and marketing have gone ahead of them. The customer is always looking for the latest and by analyzing global trends in movies, music, travel, sports and fashion, well-updated online casinos can rise above the competition.

mobile Casino
mobile Casino In a world where virtually everyone walks around with the internet in their pocket, pushing it away, it becomes increasingly important for all companies to be integrated into the global information exchange. If a new casino does NOT offer a mobile service, it will be difficult to compete. We live in an online time. New research claims that, on average, we spend a total of 23 days a year on our phones. 23 days! It’s incredible time. Online casinos have not been late to pay attention to this trend and often offer special features associated with mobile games. It can be a bonus offer that can only be used in mobile or newsletter via SMS with gifts like free spins and matching bonuses.

Reviewing a new casino
New casinos are more important than older people to check properly before signing up and starting to play because there may not always be so much reviews to read from other players. Therefore, we review new UK casinos as soon as we can after they have been released to give you a good picture of the casino before you spin the gaming machines with your hard-earned slings.

In conclusion, we can conclude that the online gaming market is flourishing . It grows for every day and new casinos need to adjust to compete in the market. By following trends such as increased mobility requirements, loyalty systems and greater customer focus, combined with a well-stocked game range from well-established providers and a streamlined, stylish and aesthetically pleasing platform design, new casinos can build a stable foundation to work on. As a new customer, you should investigate the opportunities for customer support and what types of welcome offers different casinos offer before making your choice.