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Playing casino in the mobile is a delight – but choose the right casino!
Mobile casinos Often you have the idea that online casino is something you visit and get the best experience on your computer, but this is now a myth. Today’s modern Swedish online casinos have evolved greatly and now deliver a superb gaming experience in the mobile phone. Controls, buttons, images and graphics have been adjusted and enhanced to provide better clarity and fresher experience in the mobile. Nowadays, there is no barrier to having the same gaming experience in their computer as on the mobile when visiting a online casino.

However, not all casinos on the net are still undergoing this modernization, such as Mr Green. One must therefore find right in the jungle of online casinos to find those who are mobile. That’s partly because this page is available – to facilitate your search for the best casino in your mobile. We list – here at – only casinos that offer a custom and great experience for those who want to play on the mobile. In the list below you will find some of the best mobile casinos right now.

By the way, of course, we mean that it’s about casinos in the mobile where you can play for real money. There is a plethora of apps that offer casino games, stuck on pretend. It’s not what this is about here. Among the online casinos we list, you can always choose to play for real money and get the chance to win a large amount of money spent on your account!

In some cases, there is even a special app for your device that the respective casino has developed. But this is more about exceptions than rule. Often, you only need to enter the address of the casino in the address bar and the mobile page will pop up – completely automatically. No hassle, it just works – and it works very well.

Play wherever you want

Want to play casino games anytime and anywhere? Then your mobile casino is your thing. With a casino on the phone or the plate, you can play your favorite games right whenever you want and wherever you are, only you have internet access. Mobile casino is relatively new in network games, but as mobile phones have developed and most have acquired smart phones and touchpad tablets, large screens and good resolution, demand for mobile casinos has also increased. With the new type of mobile devices it’s great to play casino games. For those who want to know more about mobile casinos we will explain a little more here and answer the most common questions.

Mobile casino is wonderful in 2018

We should be really honest. In previous years it has been quite difficult when trying to play via their mobile phone at a casino, but in the last year and especially when we entered 2018, it’s a real pleasure to play on mobile casinos no matter what mobile phone they have.

All the casinos we list are mobile casinos

  • Click on the link to any casino to get to the mobile version
  • All deposits & withdrawals are as smooth
  • Basically all games are available as mobile versions with custom controls for the mobile
  • Start playing on your computer and continue on the mobile or vice versa

Casino on iPhone

Casino in iPhone is often what the casino aspires to work absolutely best – as it is one of the best selling mobile phones throughout the ages and a variety of standards. Sometimes there are special casino apps in the App Store to load, but it’s usually enough to just enter Safari and enter URLs to the respective game site. When you enter the casino via iPhone, you will automatically be redirected to a mobile version of the casino that is a little simpler than the one on your computer.

You may not be able to play all slot machines on your iPhone but we guarantee that there is so much casino game to choose from that you will not miss anything. Let’s mention a disadvantage, it’s a bit feeble to play on an older model iPhone, since the screens on them are a bit in-place, but if you have an iPhone 6 Plus or equivalent, you will not miss your computer.

It’s a real pleasure to play slots on their iPhone. Everything just flows on so incredibly well – just like on the computer.

Casino on Android
Playing on a casino in an Android device works just as well, if not better than on an iPhone / iPad then Google’s operating system is not as locked as Apple’s dito. However, it may be a bit of a hassle to install apps from the Google Play Store as they do not accept casino apps by default. What you need to do to install a casino app on Android is to approve apps from unknown sources in the security settings on your Android mobile / tablet. The casinos that do not need any app, however, work well on Android and it’s extra nice if you have a phone with a screen model bigger.

Casino in Ipad
If you have a tablet and want to play at a casino, there are many to choose from that work really well. It works just the same as playing on a mobile but the larger screen makes the game experience much nicer than on a smaller screen.

A tip for those who already play in a casino is to sign in even via the mobile or tablet, because there are casinos with special promotions for just tablets and mobiles. These bonuses will only be available if you play in the mobile casino. Playing a casino in a tablet is probably our personal favorite when you surf the tablet’s mobility and with a really big screen can get a really great game time anywhere, anytime!

Casino Apps
Casino as app has lost popularity in recent years when the slots have been adapted to work on the mobile browser without having an app in the background. However, there are still some benefits with a casino app, for example, that you can save your login information in the app to avoid typing them every time you want to play. Some of the casinos still have a mobile app are Mr Green, Leo Vegas and Maria Casino.

Play on your iPhone wherever you are

How does mobile casinos work?

How does a mobile casino work? Basically, a mobile casino operates in the same way as a online casino. You can bet and play a variety of casino games over the internet. The big difference is that you can always play in a mobile casino wherever you are. You’re no longer locked to sit at home in front of your computer, but you can play when your lust falls on, for example, waiting for the bus, coffee cup, sun lounger or sad meetings. Although the latter may not be recommended if you want to keep the job. All you need is a smart phone, or tablet, with touch function and internet connection

How I get started?
Many online casinos have a mobile version of their site. You simply type in their URL in your browser and the page then recognizes you are on a mobile device and automatically opens the mobile-side of the casino. If you are already a registered player at online casino, just sign in as usual and start playing. If you do not have an account, you can quickly and easily sign up via the phone or the plate. Now, just start testing some of the free games or if you want to deposit money, make it as easy and safe as your desktop computer.

Most online casinos that also have a mobile casino have only invested in mobile-tuning the webpage. However, some online casinos have developed specific apps for their mobile casinos. It appears on the online casino website if they have an app. Usually you will be asked to download it if you want to play mobile. However, the most common one is still accessing the mobile casino through the browser in its mobile device. If you play mobile directly through the web, it does not matter what kind of operating system your mobile device has. It will work just as well whether you have iOS, Android or any other operating system. If you are prompted to download an app, the app must be adapted to your operating system to work.

Something that’s important to getting a full-featured gaming experience on mobile casino is that you have a good performance device and a graphics card that can handle the graphics on the casino pages. If your mobile only has a couple of years on the neck, there should be no problems. It is also important with fast and fast internet connection. Unfortunately, it is not recommended to try to play in poorly covered areas and slow connections. Fortunately, we are in the forefront of Sweden and the 4G and 3G networks are being built continuously. A fast WIFI also works well.

How does casino apps work?
Most online casinos have chosen to customize their webpage and have no money to develop an app. However, some online casinos also offer casino apps, meaning you instead of playing through your browser do it directly in the app. The advantage of apps is that you get started faster with the game. Just click on it and you’re inside the casino. Often, the apps are also a bit more stable and faster to play than via the browser.

All apps do not work on your mobile device. The app must be adapted to your operating system to work. Today, most casino apps are iOS anFree. Most often both for Iphone and Ipad but sometimes for Ipad only. There are also apps for Android and, as Android has become an ever-increasing competitor for Apple’s iOS, game developers have also focused more on developing casino games that are adapted to Android’s operating system. So if you have a phone with Android, you’ll find quite easy to find apps that are customizable to that too. For the smaller operating systems such as Blackberrys, the availability of casino apps is minimal.

To download an iOS custom app to your mobile device, simply go to Apple’s appstore and search for the app. Most often, however, there is a link from the site of online casinos. Downloading a casino app to Android is a bit clever but not difficult. The reason is that Google Play does not allow casino apps. In order to download the Android Custom App, you must first go to Settings on your Android device. There, select “Allow applications from unknown sources”. Then you can download the app without any problems. There are always detailed setup wizards on the main casino’s main page.

What’s the difference between mobile and desktop casino?

Mobile casinos are simply mobile-adapted versions of “desktop” online casinos. They work the same way. You open the casino’s page, via web, or possibly an app if you play mobile, then log in, choose what you want to play and you’re on the go. However, there are some major differences. First, the mobile casino is adapted to the mobile devices. This means that because the screens are much smaller than on a regular computer, there is not enough text and image, so there is not as much information on the mobile page. However, it also means that the design of the page will be stripped and clean and you will get an easier overview, which is an advantage especially on a small screen.

The unique thing about playing on a mobile casino is also the touchscreen effect. You get another proximity to the game when you say one finger directly in the game, instead of via the computer mouse. The most significant and well the boring difference is that there are fewer games adapted for mobile devices, the variety of games is simply a lot less. However, this applies primarily to the older games. Most newer slot machines and casino games are also released in a mobile version, so the range of mobile casino games is growing constantly. Having said that, we can note that today’s range of mobile casino games is still good and it’s a fun and flexible way to play.

How is playing on a mobile casino?

Even though the offer is smaller than the “desktop” online casinos, there are many fun games you can play on your mobile device. Most new games are available and the most popular games are guaranteed. One of the biggest gaming producers, NetEntertainment, has a special engine for their mobile games, NetEnt Touch and all their new games will be able to be played with this technology, providing amazing games tailored to the mobile.

It is not just NetEntertainment that invests in the mobile gaming market, but most major game makers have great focus on developing good games for mobile casinos. The most common category games in mobile casinos are slot machines. It is by itself the largest category also on online casinos, but they also fit very well for mobile gaming. Table games are not so common as it is more detailed and easily becomes plotting on the phone. However, there are apps with e.g. live roulette but then only adapted to the tabletop (usually Ipad), just because it has a larger screen than the phone. Turning on vending machines, however, works great on the phone.

There are also some games made unique to mobile casino games. By 2018, all games are expected to be mobile. All game categories can be played on the mobile. All online casino casinos we show at CasinoBlast are the majority of games also available for mobile. Are the same bonuses? Net casinos always have nice welcome bonuses, but It’s not always one can get them through their mobile casinos. However, there are many nice unique bonuses for those who play on their mobile site.

Is it safe to play at a mobile casino?

Yes, it’s as safe to play on mobile casinos as on “regular” online casinos. All serious mobile casinos use the latest IT security software and encryption methods to protect your personal information and banking details. Your personal information is also not shared with third parties. Just make sure you play a casino with good reputation. Check that they have a license and are regulated by a serious jurisdiction. It may also be worth checking out reviews from other players.

Here at CasinoBlast you will also find reviews of the biggest online casinos where we also tell if they have mobile casinos or not. How can I deposit and withdraw money? It’s easy and easy to deposit money and withdraw money from your mobile device. Today it is usually customary to take care of their personal finances through the mobile phone, which means there are many possibilities to do their transactions. Most mobile casinos offer several different ways you can make your secure payments. By credit or debit card, directly via bank, online wallet or with Zimpler, Skrill or similar services. In some cases, however, you still have to go to the casino’s main page to make your transactions. But even within this area, mobile casinos are constantly evolving. Customer support on mobile As a mobile player, you get the same customer service and support as for the one who plays at home at the computer.