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Here at CasinoBlast you can read reviews of online casinos for the UK market and tips on bonuses for these. We also collect current news in the gaming world and guide you to how you play at the casino online and how the slot machines work. Do not forget to visit us before you start playing at a casino in order not to miss any of the bonuses or promotions that you as a new player are able to get.

We have worked hard to compile offers from the best of UK casinos and clarify them for our readers. To take part in a casino bonus, it’s easy as a spot, just click on a link to a casino, sign up and get your bonus automatically! The casinos you find here are only sites where we themselves are already actively playing or thinking about playing more in the future. If you have any comments about our reviews and recommendations or have discovered that a casino is no longer valid please do not hesitate to contact us as this is something we would love to share.

New reviews and follow-up samples are being made on a regular basis, including reporting of news in the casino world. Our writers behind all the news report everything from new casinos and slots to bonus offers and competitions at UK online casinos.

Experience Las Vegas at home

Who has not dreamed of going to Las Vegas and climbing into the nowadays mysterious casino Bellagio to pull the lever on the biggest energetic bandit in Las Vegas? It must sound like a dream, but the fact is that it’s possible to get well close to that feeling without having to sit and knock for 10-hour hours on an airplane. Nowadays computer games have become so realistic and enchanting so it almost feels like experiencing the scenario really. The same development has taken place in the market for online casinos and casino games online. This has led to the fact that there are now a large number of incredibly good games and casinos online that can almost take you all the way to Bellagio, albeit only in the feeling. But who needs more?

Slot games in world class

Network casinos game providers have developed casino games in absolute world class. For example, there are video slots that feel like a computer game where you are taken in an adventure of indescribable dimensions. We can also find live games, sk. live casinos, in the supply. In these games, a real physical person is sitting and dividing the cards in, for example, blackjack. This is the corner you can come to at Casino London or Monte Carlo Casino without leaving home!

Casino Reviews

At CasinoBlast we have reviewed and nailed a large number of UK casinos and now share our experiences with you, our dear visitors. Here we will never list all of the casinos available online, but only the best ones you can feel safe and secure in your gambling, even if it offers a responsible gaming game.

Casino Bonuses

Another focus for us to publish at CasinoBlast is the best bonus offers on the selected casinos. If you get a real bonus then you get a lot more money to play than you put in, which of course increases the winning chances as well. We have created a solid knowledge database where we explain in detail how different kinds of casino bonuses such as free spins, bonus money and no deposit bonus work. All in order to make you feel at home in the casino world before you get out and play about the big jackpots.

Security, above all
All casinos listed on this page have built-in encryption, which means that your account information and other sensitive information will not be in the wrong hands. To feel secure when making cardholder deposits and to withdraw cash benefits from their bank account does not want any third party to be able to share this. If you do not want to submit your card information online, you can, for example, use Trustly or play casino on invoice.

Tax-free profits
With just a few exceptions, well noticed, you will not miss it, the casinos you find with us are tax-free. This means that you do not have to pay any winnings tax when you pick out your winnings from your game account. This is because winnings in casinos that have a gaming license in the EU are exempt from profits tax. If you want to know the background to this, you can read more about tax-free profits.

Do you play too much?
Do you feel that the game starts to become addicted? Read about what you can do to get to the bottom of the problem with GambleAware. You can also contact the Support for anonymous and free advice on your gambling.

We will guide you to the right online casino

Before deciding which online casino you want to play at, we recommend that you read our review of each casino, reviewing all the features, bonuses, and game options they have. We have really gone into the depths of each review, such as that of Casino Calzone, in order to give our visitors the fairest possible assessment of each casino. This is another reason why we will never list all casinos online, there are simply too many to make the time enough to make these reviews.

In addition, there are a lot of players out there in cyberspace that do not keep their feet and they are beautifully out of our site for the benefit of good casinos online. We have targeted us at UK casinos, that is, casinos that target the UK market, and mainly those with a European gaming license.

What is important to you as a player
All players are different, and value different things. Some players think that the customer service is the most important thing for a casino online, while others want fast payments through secure payment methods to be the one that applies. Some want a huge assortment of slots while others only play at the casinos that are the first to release the latest games.

No matter what type of player you are, there is a casino that fits you like the hand in the glove. By reading the casino and game guides you will find here at you will be guaranteed to make it a little easier to choose the right one. We collect all important information in one and the same place.

Play Casino – Fun and exciting

If you choose to play at any of the casinos we list at CasinoBlast, we guarantee that you will come to one that has a brilliant customer service, huge game range, secure communication and offers you a nice time. All you have to do is select one or more sites to play on, suggestively using our Assistant Casino vendor. Then you are welcome to share your welcome bonus, lean back and let the slots roll. You are most likely to have both fun and exciting while you play. Who knows what winnings lurking behind the corner?

Casinobonus in focus

At, which you may be able to figure out of the name, our primary focus is on taking the casino business with a blast and serve you the best of the casinos that offer the most generous casino bonus. Here you will find casinos of absolute top class that offer as much as 400% bonus at first deposit, which means that if you deposit $ 100, you get a lot of $ 500 to play and win real money.

Selection of casino games

The online casinos we have reviewed and chosen to post on this page all have a large and varied range of different types of casino games. Most casinos have games from a variety of game makers such as Net Entertainment and Microgaming with more and it is no wonder that there are over 500 games to choose from.

The focus is mostly on video slots, but you also find live casino, bingo, scratch cards and other exciting games at the gaming sites we have chosen to review on this page. Are you new to players, you can read more about selected slots here with us or why not drive on a safe card and choose a game that is on the leaderboard in the casino you choose.

Lotteries & other games

In addition to traditional casino games, we also have departments for other popular types of online games. Did you know, for example, that you can play at lottery at the game company Lottoland and more? If you have already played you can correct your voucher for all the most popular lotteries on our Lottery page. In addition, you’ll find popular game modes like bingo, sports games and scratch cards here at CasinoBlast.

Find the best casinos online

The online casino is one of the hottest trends in gaming and online gaming, but it’s an ascending popularity trend we’re seeing – which is hardly learned in the near future. That’s why we have created this portal that lists the most popular, safe and best UK casinos online – so you can easily find a safe playground where you will get lots of fun and the chance to win big sums of money – tax-free!

Tips on good online casinos

However, in fact, it is not always an easy match to find the perfect casino online just for you. Because there are so many phenomenal ones on the internet today. That’s why we have some tips for you to choose the best casino to play and of course get a rewarding bonus at. It is extremely your own tastes and preferences that control which casino you will enjoy, but we will increase the prerequisites that you will enjoy the online casino you choose because we have made a huge gap and selection when we list new players this side.

Therefore, we have some tips for you to choose the best casino just for you to play and of course get a giftful bonus at.

As for the online casinos we’ve reviewed on this page, they all have a high level of security, a generous bonus, big game offer and a well designed website with support for many devices. You can read through the different reviews we’ve made or go directly to their website to find out how their game range suits you.

Different games at online casinos

Modern UK casinos usually have two directions – either concentrate on just slots (the most popular casino games right now) or so focus on having as wide a range as possible with different types of games, both in the computer version and in their mobile casinos.

If you are a player seeking primary slots then you rarely need to wonder if the casino offers this kind of entertainment game or not, but slots are available on all the major players in the market today. But if you like to vary and try out poker, live casino, bingo, scratch cards, lotto or other games in addition to slots, you should snuggle at a casino that has a wider range of game options.

Of course, you do not need to become a customer of an online casino to see what range of game titles and options there are. All you have to do is check our review or the homepage of each player to see what kind of offer you can find with them.

  • If you like sports, there is the odds and betting you are going to enter
  • Slots are available at all casinos we show, but the range may vary
  • Scratchcards are available only on a narrow range of sites
  • Progressive jackpots (slot machines) can yield huge profits
  • Lotto is better online than in store (like so much else)